A Reliv Party 25 Years in the Making

Reliv’s Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons shares his thought on the upcoming Reliv 25 International Conference in Orlando, Florida from July 18-20.

DonWhyGo-webMaybe you’re new in Reliv, and you keep hearing people talk about the Reliv 25 Conference in Orlando this July. Maybe you’ve been involved in Reliv for several years, and you’re starting to see that the business really could go somewhere. Maybe you’ve been “shakin’ up” Reliv shakes for 10 years, you’re nearing retirement and you’re realizing that an extra income stream would make a HUGE difference.

MAYBE you’ve just reached the point where you’ve got to… you’ve just GOT TO… do something to make a difference. The job market just isn’t getting you where you’d like to go.

Let me just make this as simple as I can: If you are someone — anyone — who needs to be more effective in your business (in other words, if you need to earn more money in your business), then Orlando in July is where you need to be.

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Here’s the truth: You go to Reliv 25 in Orlando, you experience this conference and it will be like magic. You will see an immediate difference in what happens in your business.

When you return home, everyone you talk with about Reliv will hear the message loud and clear.

In Orlando, you’ll be in workshops with top Distributors from around the world. Real people — just like you — who started working from their home, using a fantastic product and sharing it with others. They will teach you EXACTLY what they are doing to move forward — right now.

You’ll hear from Dr. Carl Hastings and other scientists about breakthroughs in nutritional technology. You’ll have a chance to learn firsthand about epigenetics and how Reliv is the first company to embrace this exciting field of science in our products. This will make you much stronger in how you communicate with people.

You’ll hear from Reliv Founder Robert Montgomery and other Reliv executives. You will see clearly that your efforts are supported by a corporate team with a true passion for your success, a passion that starts right at the top. You’ll know, without question, that the effort you put into your Reliv business is building a rock-solid foundation for you and your family for years to come.

There is truly no better investment you can make in your business — and in YOURSELF — than to do what you need to do to attend the Reliv 25 Orlando Conference.

Sure, going to Orlando for the conference will take an investment. Travel, accommodations, tickets, and time — it all adds up. Even with the income tax deductions, make no mistake, this is an investment. But the bottom line is it’s an investment in yourself… and I think YOU are worth it.

Do you? Let’s Go!

Register now for the Reliv 25 International Conference

2 thoughts on “A Reliv Party 25 Years in the Making

  1. Anyone who misses out on this conference/party will be so sorry! After reading this, I am even more excited to go than ever. I’m forwarding this to others asap. Thanks, Don, for such an awesome invitation. See you in Orlando!

  2. Conferences are a must if you are building or plan on building a business and or helping others. Leaders go to conference and we haven’t missed one in 12 years except when we got iced in while we were in Texas. It is a huge shot in the arm. Seeing old friends, lots of love all around you. Hearing other people’s journey on the products and getting more excited all the time. After 12 years, I love to hear the stories and make new friends. It’s so exciting to know that we ALL help each other in this business.

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