SoySentials is for All Women. Period.

Yes, I said period. That was a little joke. It’s hard to talk about SoySentials® without saying “period” or “hot flash” so I thought I would open with it! (Sorry, fellas!)

Chris and SoySentials

You’re either bleeding or you’re not. I know, more period talk. (Again: sorry, fellas!) I am 47 years old and at that age where I am waiting for my first hot flash but still having regular periods. I have never had crazy cramps that kept me bedridden. I’ve never had the super heavy flow that sends me to the bathroom every 45 minutes. I simply take SoySentials for prevention and wellness. I can’t remember the last sick day I had.

I started adding SoySentials to my shakes when we redesigned the labels. I loved the more modern flower graphic with a touch of pink. And when I studied the label and found that it has 10 grams of soy protein, I was sold. I find it difficult to get enough protein in my diet when I try to limit meat intake and watch my calories. It’s wonderful to have only 70 calories for 10 grams of protein!

I’ve since learned from our own Dr. Carl Hastings that it’s one of his proudest creations — a truly outstanding product. Coming from him, that’s all I need to know! Dr. Carl says the combination of soy protein, herbs, vitamins and minerals (including calcium) and antioxidants makes SoySentials the premier women’s nutritional supplement on the market.

And now it’s better than ever with LunaRich! With all of the exciting science behind lunasin and LunaRich, why in the world would any Reliv woman not include SoySentials in her shake?

I take Reliv Now with SoySentials plus four LunaRich X™ capsules a day. I’m a 6! What’s your LunaRich point?


Chris Scherting is the Director of Marketing for Reliv and a loyal SoySentials fan! In the last year she has discovered a new love of golf and gardening. She is also a Facebook Cat Poster…her sweet shughar pie Persian cat Winston has his own Facebook page and he is ridiculously cute!