Riding the Road to Success: Dan and Fern Utz

Bronze Presidential Ambassadors Dan and Fern Utz of Hicksville, Ohio, have traveled a long road with Reliv. Fern explains: “We had used Reliv products over 20 years ago, but just kind of fell away. I was feeling really run-down and we sorely needed some extra income — I had no idea we would find a solution for both in the same place!

“We started on the products again and felt revitalized and energized,” Fern says.

Dream Vacation
With both Dan and Fern working the business, their monthly Reliv income grew to over $1,000. “Our organization began to grow as we helped our downline grow,” Dan says.

After achieving Presidential Director status, Dan and Fern earned a Reliv trip to Hawaii! “We rented a motorcycle and rode the perimeter of the island,” Fern said. “It was gorgeous! My favorite part was having breakfast each morning and getting to talk to the other Reliv Distributors. You really learn a lot from the people on these trips!”

Just Keep Talking
As their business continues to grow, Fern emphasizes the ease of expanding your reach. “It’s simple,” she said, “we just keep talking to people. Health and finances come up naturally in conversation and everyone wants to know about how to improve both these areas. We can’t imagine not having these products in our lives and can’t help but share this information with others.” The Utz family can’t wait to take more trips together as their income continues to grow. “We’ll always be telling people about Reliv.”

7 thoughts on “Riding the Road to Success: Dan and Fern Utz

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you guys!
    You did it! — I know, you’re just getting started, right?
    So proud of you both. Love ya’! 🙂

  2. As a Distributor, I’m never in contact with my sponsor? Nor are they in contact with me? I work a FT job, have little time to do the business at its full capacity, let alone grow it to an expected dream. I’ve tried social networking; seems to work really slow. Is there a way to find help through other sponsorship or do I stick with my current sponsor?

    1. Try contacting your current sponsor. Reach out and let them know your thoughts!

  3. Congrats to Dan & Fern…thanks for being a great example! Now for you Distributors who find it hard to grow your Reliv business, you need to have fun doing the business, yet also work seriously at it, write your 90 day goals, call your sponsor, ask them to introduce you to more of your upline, discuss your goals, and work toward your goals. If you have questions & can’t reach your upline, call Reliv at ex. 4 (distributor relations) they are always very helpful. Also ask your sponsor to host a presentation meeting for your friends, share lots of stories. See you at the top!!!

    1. Hi Charles! Just go to http://www.reliv.com and under “Products,” there is a tab on the box at the bottom called “reviews.” You can find the stories of people who use our products there! Thanks!

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