Headed to Costa Rica


Our Distributors share their thoughts on the upcoming trip to Costa Rica! Want to join them? Qualify as an Ambassador or advance an Ambassador level by July 31, 2013 and Reliv will send you to Costa Rica!

“Costa Rica is on my bucket list, so this is a dream come true! The best part is to have friends on the trip with us! Every penny we earn represents someone else getting better
health and finances.” –  Donna Simkus, MI

“We’re so excited because we’ve had so many firsts with Reliv, and this will be our first trip to the tropics! It’s wonderful to see other people being helped. We feel so grateful for this trip!”  – Caroline and Traian Florica, Canada

“We are very excited about our trip to Costa Rica! These leadership trips are not necessarily the goal, but the reward for the work done by people who want to build Reliv businesses.” – Elizabeth Hogan, OH

“We’ll have four of our downline Ambassadors on this trip and can’t wait to spend time with them in such a beautiful setting. We made a focused plan and worked like crazy.
Anyone willing to do the same could earn a trip as well!” – Margaret Nafziger, OH

“It’s very exciting to get to travel with so many Reliv leaders! We’ll be able to really celebrate in such a beautiful place — it has been number one on my destination list
for years!” – Mair Hill, IL

“It will be so cold here in Canada when we go to Costa Rica, so we’re really going to enjoy the warmer weather! It gets me thinking about my downline and how we can get
more people on the next trip!”  – Ann Driedger, Canada

“I’ve not been anywhere exotic and I can’t wait to get my passport and see what Costa Rica has to offer! I was always the one holding down the fort while my husband traveled,
so I’m happy to finally be able to take him somewhere!” – Marscia Fleagle, OH

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