Invest in Your Success

“No matter how many people you have at the Reliv 25 Conference, you’re going to wish you’d brought more,” Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones says. Mindy was a struggling single mom to her young daughter — working long hours at the dress shop she owned at the time — when she attended her first conference 23 years ago.

“My sponsor explained that, since my goal with Reliv was to provide for my family, I simply had to find a way to go,” Mindy recalls. “So I arranged to have my sister watch my daughter and the manager to watch over my store, and I booked a hotel room with four other women so I could afford to go. “That conference changed the course of my life,” Mindy continues.

“It raised my belief — in the company, the products, the opportunity and, most importantly, in myself and my ability to do this business. Over the years, that investment has paid me more than $3 million!”

Make the Most of Conference
Mindy shares her tips for getting the most out conference while you’re there:

  • Connect with the leaders and learn their “secrets” to success.Introduce yourself. Rather than just asking to hear their stories, ask them specifically what they’ve done to build a successful business.


  • Take pictures to share when you get home. It makes your stories so much more powerful when you can bring them to life with a picture.


  • Take advantage of every opportunity. Get there early and stay late. Attend every breakout session and general session, hang out in the Ambassador section, and trade as many business cards as you possibly can. If you’re brand new, grab hold of your sponsors and be their shadow for the weekend.


  • Set goals while you’re there. Conference is an ideal opportunity for goal-setting, when people’s excitement and energy levels are at their peak. Take advantage of the free time between events to sit down with your business builders and find out exactly what they want with Reliv and how they want to get there.


  • Create momentum now. Put people on conference calls, connect them to stories, build for every Reliv meeting. The more action you take now, the more your business will explode after conference!

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