Plan for Success: Make Your Own Milestones

A milestone like Reliv 25 is a great time to look back as a company on how far we’ve come and plan a course for the future. As a Reliv business owner, you don’t have to wait for a big anniversary to evaluate your progress — it should be a regular part of your business calendar.

Many Reliv Distributors have found setting 90-day goals works best. As you review how far you’ve come in those 90 days, it’s great to celebrate your successes. But truly successful business owners also use their 90-day reviews to both identify key elements of success so far and make changes that will help build even bigger business moving forward.

The 3:3:3 Approach
(Source: Direct Selling Education Foundation)

Here’s a process you can use for your own 90-day reviews to help you focus your business activities on even greater success:

  1. Identify three strengths of your business over the past 90 days. Did you come up with an innovative idea that led to increased business? Did you put an emphasis on reaching new people? Write down the three things you feel were most important to your success. These are areas that you will continue to develop moving forward.
  2. Identify three areas of your business that you would like to improve moving forward. Do you need to do a better job following up? Could you get more organized in your paperwork? Should you get out and do more networking? Write down three areas that you will focus on in the coming months, along with specific activities you will do to achieve greater success in these areas.
  3. Identify three goals that you have for your business in the next 90 days. These can be things you can measure, such as increasing your sales or sponsoring, or something new you’ll create to drive business growth, such as creating a social media marketing strategy. You should also have at least one goal tied directly to Reliv’s Road to Presidential Director, i.e. what you need to do to reach the next Director level. Starting with three goals keeps you focused without causing you to become overwhelmed. Write your goals down, and then make a bulleted list of the activities you’ll need to do in order to achieve each goal. Set dates to those activities to hold yourself accountable.


By taking some time to plan, you can be sure that your daily activities are focused on growth — and you’ll be celebrating your own milestones before you know it.

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