My Favorite Reliv Trip

Over the last 25 years, Reliv has sent Distributors on hundreds of trips to destinations around the globe — from the natural paradise of Hawaii to the “Eternal City” of Rome. It’s all part of the Reliv lifestyle. Owning a Reliv business means not only asking “How much do I want to earn?” but also “Where do I want to go?”

Maui, Hawaii
Before Reliv, we didn’t have the means to go anywhere — it was difficult even to visit family because of the gas money. Reliv has changed all that. Our first All Star trip to Maui was fabulous. Our room had an amazing ocean view. I went for a walk on the beach at midnight and could see the whales migrating out in the ocean under a starry sky with a full moon. I had been with Reliv for 18 years at the time and it hit me where I was. It was like being in a movie; the moment was so perfect. I realized just how blessed our lives are because of Reliv. We’ve gotten to see the world!

Quila Buhler (with husband Jim)
Oregon City, OR



Munich, Germany
We earned a Reliv trip to Germany by advancing someone in our downline. We were blown away by how magical Munich was. Our beautiful 5-star hotel was near the city center and featured magnificent food served on crystal and silver. We felt like royalty! We got to meet some Reliv leaders in Germany and offer them advice. There were Distributors from Mexico on the trip as well, so it was wonderfully multicultural. We urge everyone to have the trip contests in their plan for the year. We’re on our way to Hawaii with Reliv this weekend!

Linda & Richard Vance
Clayton, CA


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