April Reliv Poetry Contest

Spring has sprung (finally!) and we can’t help but hear music and poetry in the air! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and we feel GREAT thanks to Reliv!

We’re also celebrating 25 years of Reliv (and good nutrition!), so we asked you to send us a poem in 25 words or less telling us how Reliv puts a SPRING in your step! Here are the winning submissions:

Spring is in the air.
Flowers are blooming everywhere.
Kids come out to play.
Reliv is part of their healthy day!
-Rosanne Knape 

Heart beats sound and strong ,
Endurance, body runs long,
Mind  focus and clear.
The future is clear,  no fear,
Reliv hear to change the world.
-Mark Willingham

Reliv is here.
Stay healthy no fear.
JUMP START this Spring.
Let us all sing,
Our very best pitch,
its Reliv and LUNARICH
-Cindy Carr 

Like the April showers
that bring forth beautiful flowers,
Reliv unleashes the spring in my step
for many beautiful hours!
-Debby Hesterberg

Thoughts of Spring is…NOW!
See yourself Blossom and…Wow!
Reliv Nutrition…planted in your Mind!
Reliv Benefits…your greatest Find!
Nourished…with Reliv Nutrition!
-Sandra L. Gaeta

RelivNow or LunarichX
It puts spring in my step
It improves my health
and increases my wealth
Spread the word
To those who haven’t heard
-Vicki Kotsaftis

Reliv shakes twice a day
Aches and pains have gone away
Feel so good and stay quite well
I’m 74 but who can tell?
-Mary Anderson

Spring is here
Nothing to fear
No pain, no strife
Reliving my life
Now time for fun
Gold panning with my Son
Thank you Reliv!
-Cindy Glynn

Like birds of a feather,
We take Reliv together.
Joints aren’t sore,
Energy to do more,
And our knees no longer predict the weather!
-Heidi Haddix

Day by day a new spring breaks,
RELIV is renewed health I will gladly take!
step by step, shake by shake.
-Cynthia M Kanyak


2 thoughts on “April Reliv Poetry Contest

  1. I submitted a poem within the 25 word limit for the spring poem contest, but then I had a little more fun by coming up with a two stanza limerick, so I’ll share it here:

    There once was a gal who was aging.
    Her bald spot was not so engaging.
    Her knees that did creak
    And her stiff neck so weak
    Made her think that a war was then waging.

    But a friend took pity and called her.
    “No need to get old and grow balder.
    Drink Reliv shakes each day.
    Watch the years roll away!”
    Now in spring she springs gaily through alders.


  2. Like the April showers that bring forth beautiful flowers,
    Reliv unleashes the spring in my step for many beautiful hours!


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