Lunasin: Nutrition for the 21st Century

This video features Dr. Alfredo Galvez’s acclaimed presentation from the 2013 Reliv National Conference. Learn from the renowned research scientist who discovered lunasin how this amazing soy peptide works at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health. “We are in the middle of a revolution in nutrition and we are all witnesses.”

3 thoughts on “Lunasin: Nutrition for the 21st Century

  1. Bravo Dr. Galvez, you have taken the concept of Lunasin and human body and put them in very simple terms. A great teaching tool. Thank you very much.

  2. Carl Hastings world renowned food scientist has joined with Dr. Galves and com up with lunasins in soy that have helped people’s health. Yes,everybody this is for real! The testimonies are across the globe! Who do you know?

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