My Story: Roger Rodriguez

Name: Roger Rodriguez
Hometown: La Puente, CA
Gigs: Production Assistant at Clear Channel

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Slimplicity and Innergize!
The Goal: I was excited about Reliv’s weight loss potential. I used to be active in high school, but once I got to college, I gained weight. I was tired of things that didn’t work for me.
Making Progress: I started taking Slimplicity. One night I was walking and had to keep pulling my pants up. I had lost a size! I’ve lost 18 pounds so far!
Immunity Booster: I work at a radio station and we all touch the same buttons and keyboards every day. I should be getting sick, but I’m not and I’m grateful that Reliv is working for me.
Sense of Community: I have more energy, more confidence and feel that I know where I want my life to be. I’ve made great friends because of Reliv!

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