Important Product Updates

Starting, March 1, 2013, Reliv has updated the mechanics of our product pricing, shipping and servings per can. We’ve also added LunaRich® soy powder to our Slimplicity® meal replacement formula!

Basic information regarding these changes can be found below. We highly recommend that you also view our informational webinar (link below) featuring Senior Vice President of Distributor Success Don Gibbons that will walk you through the changes step by step.

View the informational webinar by clicking here

Additional update resources:


Pricing Adjustment

Reliv has implemented a new pricing structure to meet the demands of our increased cost of ingredients, the expectations of today’s consumer and the needs of our Distributors. To accompany a price increase, we also increased servings per product can and cut shipping costs. For most products the resulting cost per serving is only pennies higher, and the reduced shipping will help eliminate a common point-of-sale objection. See the product cost per serving guide for detailed pricing information.

  • Increased Servings Per Can
    • Cans with 28 servings now have 30 (Note: 24K™ remains 28 servings per bottle)
    • Cans with 14 servings now have 15
    • GlucAffect® goes from 42 servings per can to 45
    • Cellebrate® goes from 56 to 60
    • ReversAge® goes from 20 to 30 in a larger can — and now costs less per serving!

* The upper limit of this level has been expanded from $499 to $999



To keep prices lower and to maintain current qualification levels for Distributor advancement, Reliv has applied a unique RV and BV/PV to all products.

  • Retail Volume (RV): Suggested retail price of the product, used to calculate customer discounts (autoship and VIP) and Distributor profit level percentages (e.g. 40% for a Master Affiliate)
  • Business Volume (BV): The monetary value upon which overrides and Star Director Bonuses are calculated each month
  • Point Volume (PV): Number used to calculate qualification for bonuses, promotions and Distributor level advancement (e.g. 5000 to reach the Master Affiliate level, 700 to begin as a Quick Start, etc.) –
    BV and PV numbers are equal in the U.S.


The RV for all products increases (except for the recently launched LunaRich X™), but the BV/PV for all products will remain the same, with two exceptions. The BV/PV on Reliv Now® and Reliv Classic® increases from 48 to 50. This means Master Affiliates will earn at least the same amount in overrides for all product sales and slightly more for sales of Reliv Now and Reliv Classic. See the updated product order form for detailed RV/BV/PV information.


  • Slimplicity has added LunaRich®! Reliv’s cutting-edge meal replacement formula is the seventh addition to Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich line.
  • Slimplicity will now be available in the popular vanilla flavor only, per consumer demand.