Hello My Name Is…

There are many ways to get the word out about Reliv, but since today is National Nametag Day, Sherri Selman from Alpharetta, GA, shares her thoughts on what wearing a nametag has done for her business (notice the tag on her green jacket in the photo above). She gave a great presentation in Austin at the National Conference and wanted to make sure that everyone got the message.

When I came into Reliv eight years ago, I joined a group that made nametags a part of their meetings. In Mindy Jones’ group, everyone orders a nametag for about $15 (what a minimal investment!) and wears them to the meetings. They encouraged us to wear them when we’re running errands or out during the day and now I know why.

Taking Charge

As a Reliv distributor, I know that I’m responsible for advertising my business. Anything I can do on a daily basis to draw attention to Reliv and my business is going to benefit me. I ordered a big enough name tag that people can see my name without squinting. The whole idea is to make yourself approachable.

I got in the habit of putting my nametag with my car keys so that every time I leave the house it goes with me. I keep an extra in the car just in case I’ve forgotten the other one. It’s the cheapest form of advertisement that I’ve found and instantly makes people feel comfortable talking to me. I wear it to the dry cleaners, grocery store and even out to lunch with girlfriends. I am Reliv distributor 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and you can tell just by looking at me!

When they see my nametag, some people ask if I’ve just gotten off work. When I tell them that I work for myself and own my own business, they’re intrigued! Once they know that I set my own hours, they want to hear more about Reliv’s business opportunity.

I want to be the first person to tell people about Reliv. There’s always some way to engage in a conversation, and I keep it short so I’m not holding them up from their own errands. My goal is simply to get an introduction and phone number the first time we meet. I don’t overwhelm people the minute they meet me; I call them later when they have more time to establish a relationship. Then I can get to know them and see where Reliv can fit into their life.

My husband claims that I wear my nametag to bed, but we’ve both seen that the tag works! I’ve started conversations with waitresses, checkout clerks and everyone in between. It’s one of the things I love about my Reliv business; I can go out and live my life and make Reliv contacts. I can work my business into the fullness of my life.

Your Business, Your Brand

Branding is so important in a business, especially one that you’re running yourself. I’ve branded myself as a Reliv person in my town of Alpharetta, Georgia. The people in my group get tons of referrals because the name recognition makes all the difference. Reliv might not be appealing to them at the moment, but down the road it might be or they might put you in contact with someone else. Getting the information to them is critical; you never know when they’ll call you back, weeks or months later.

This is the perfect time to wear a Reliv nametag if you haven’t done so already. Reliv is in the national press now. People have heard about us on TV and in newspapers, and it’s our job to get out there and give them a human connection. There are people who have heard about Reliv and might recognize the name on your tag. I’ve even had people approach me and say that they’ve had family members who have gotten great results. I let them know that it’s time to give Reliv a try in their own lives.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the word out about your business. Get out there and live your life, and do it with a nametag that identifies you as a Reliv distributor. When you meet someone new, find out what their need is and address it through Reliv either through the products, business or both. My nametag has made a huge difference in my business, and I know it will in yours as well.