March Team Reliv Contest

It’s still cold in many parts of the country, but the winter is nearly behind us and it’s time to start making plans for warmer weather! To celebrate Reliv 25 and encourage each other, we asked you to share the specific goals you’re working on this year.

Are you training for a certain event? Working on a weight loss goal? Attempting your first 5K? We want to hear about it!

Here are the winner’s responses!

I’m competing in my first Half Ironman on March 16! I’m also training for the Tour De Mesa 70-mile bike ride on April 6. –Marc Muhlestein 

I’m learning Taekwondo with my 12-year-old granddaughter. My goal is to test up two belt ranks in the next few weeks! –Mike Michelozzi 

I’m working on taking an extra 10 pounds off by eating better foods, adding LunaRich X and exercising daily. –Rosanne Knape 

I’m going to take 2 minutes off my 5K time and 30 minutes off my half marathon time. My goal weight is 160 pounds! –Bobby Robles 

My goal is to hit my wedding date weight by June 11 for our 25th wedding anniversary. If I do, then we are going to Hawaii! I love feeling great thanks to Reliv and working out! –Dawn VanAmberg 

My goal is to lose weight by swimming and working out twice per week each. With the help of Lunarich, I know I can make it happen. –Cindy Carr 

My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year. I want to be a healthy-looking Reliv distributor. I am taking LunaRich and have joined a gym! –Wendy Juergens

Thanks to Reliv I’m running again after 26 years. I won a 5K race through the Calcutta streets and I’m planning to keep it up! –Judy Leonard 

By April 30, I want to get to healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels with the help of Reliv Now, GlucAffect and LunaRich X. –George Dunham 

My goal for the year is to lose 5 pounds a month and work out a minimum of 3 days per week. –Victoria Lesser 

Honorable Mention Business Goal:

I am working on the 25-4-25 challenge set up by my Reliv team. My goal is to have one new client each week over the next 4 months up to Reliv Conference. At the end, I’ll have 25 new clients to celebrate the 25th year of Reliv! –Sharon Pacheo 

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