The LunaRich Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time

I launched Soy Labs in 2005 as a way to bring lunasin technology to the world. Research had already established many of lunasin’s benefits; the challenge was to create a product that both optimized lunasin content and delivered it in the most bioavailable form.

In 2010, we made a giant leap forward with the opening of the Missouri Plant Science Center. The MPSC is a shared-use facility that brings together government, university and private partners to spur innovation. It was the perfect platform to develop new manufacturing processes that would take lunasin technology from the lab to the consumer.

The final step was finding a partner to bring this breakthrough to market. I had known [Reliv Chief Scientific Officer] Dr. Carl Hastings as a colleague for years and was well aware of his expertise and reputation in the industry. In fact, Dr. Carl served as a consultant and played a key role in getting the MPSC built. It’s no surprise then that Reliv was at the top of our list.

Reliv offered an established company with a proven business model. Direct sales is the ideal vehicle to distribute a nutritional product like LunaRich. Independent Distributors can take the time to explain the science behind it and provide success stories to back it up. The Reliv Distributors I’ve met leave me no doubt that we’ve found the right partners. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life, and to me being a Reliv Distributor right now is the best business opportunity out there.

You have an exclusive nutritional breakthrough in a world in desperate need of preventive health solutions. You also have a proven business model and a means to start earning right away in an economy struggling to find its footing. It’s been a long journey to get here, but I’m convinced that today we’ve unleashed the right products with the right opportunity, in the right place at the right time. And you are the right people to take it from here.


By Ryan Schmidt, President and CEO of Soy Labs, Inc.

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