The LunaRich Opportunity: Good Business Sense

I’m as excited today about the Reliv opportunity as I was 18 years ago when Betty and I decided to build a Reliv business for our family. We needed to replace the income I had lost. By going to work with our upline and friends, we reached Presidential Director in 15 months.
Over the last few years, one question persists: “How do you position a great business opportunity in a way that will attract new people living in uncertain times?” The answer for us is to talk about Reliv being a major part of the wellness industry. This takes us above the health care crisis and away from the word “nutrition,” which often raises too many opinions. I want to show people how Reliv can help them achieve optimum wellness physically and financially.

Since Reliv makes nutrition simple, I wanted a simple message for LunaRich® as well, one that anyone could wrap their mind around and want to be a part of. I knew LunaRich worked — my cholesterol numbers hit healthier levels in four months on Reliv Now® with LunaRich than they’d been in ten years. That convinced me that we had another breakthrough in food  science that the world needed to hear about. When [Senior Vice President of North American Sales] Steve Hastings told me the company was working on a wellness plan with Lunarich, I got even more excited. LunaRich points would complete the picture for me.

With Lunarich in more products, I moved up to a “3” before there was even such a thing as LunaRich points. Then as the points plan unfolded and the LunaRich X™ capsules became available, I became a “5”. I experienced a marked increase in vitality, which had been slipping away in recent years. So now with an exclusive, clinically proven ingredient and a points system with multiple wellness levels, I have an even more exciting Reliv message to take to people.

I am going to tell people of all ages and backgrounds about LunaRich, our essential micronutrition and our exciting business opportunity. I want to show the older generations a better way to enjoy the rest of their lives and young families how Reliv can help them with all stages of raising healthy children and building a sound financial future. Talk about “scoring victories for mankind”… who else can offer what we can? I am going back to friends and family members to paint an even bigger picture of what we can now do together.

My goal for 2013 is to talk with five people a day so I can show a thousand new people why becoming a Reliv business owner makes such good sense.

By Phil Wolf, Reliv Hall of Fame Distributor