My Story: Mike and Sonya Kitchens

Names: Mike and Sonya Kitchens

Hometown: Cleveland, Georgia

Gigs: Reliv, Parents, Mike: Chemist, Sonya: Assistant teacher

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now, Innergize! FibRestore, ProVantage, 24K, SoySentials

Benefits You Can See: When I began taking Reliv products last year, I started to liven up, lose weight and feel better. Because of my success, Mike gave Reliv a try. ~Sonya

Solving Problems: My weight kept me from performing strenuous activity. I had high blood pressure and weighed 300 lbs. ~Mike

Weight Loss: With Reliv, I’ve lost over 100 lbs in nine months! Sonya has lost 55 lbs, and my two daughters have lost 60 lbs between them. That’s over 200 lbs we’ve shed as a family! ~Mike

Eyes on the Prize: Our future is brighter than ever. I’m expecting great things in the future with our health and finances. ~Sonya

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