My Story: Dave and Rhonda Martin

Names: Dave and Rhonda Martin

Hometown: Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Gigs: Reliv, Parents

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic, Reliv Now, Innergize!, FibRestore, ProVantage, GlucAffect, Arthaffect, ReversAge and 24K

Tough Times: We started two years ago in a rough spot. Rhonda and I were getting married, it was hard to pay the bills and job opportunities were limited. ~Dave

Family First: I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and run a home-based business. As Reliv Distributors, Dave and I have more quality time to spend with each other and our daughter. We’re living a more family-oriented life. ~Rhonda

Helping Hand: Helping people is our passion. We are blessed with a business that enables us to make a difference daily in the lives of others.

Growing Together: We’ve grown personally and are able to see things from a different perspective now. We’re getting outside our comfort zone and dreaming big with Reliv!

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