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Goal Setting and Motivation



It’s late January and you’re starting to make progress on the fitness goals you made for the New Year. If you’ve decided to rededicate yourself to running (or take it seriously for the first time), I’ve got some advice to keep you motivated through the early parts of your training.

If you can make it through the first eight weeks, you’ll be fueled by your success and it will all be downhill (and uphill and downhill) from there!

Look around online for a running schedule that works for you. Many of them make a 5K the midpoint of training for a 10K, and a 10K the midpoint of training for a half marathon. Incorporate incremental race distances like this to better gauge how you’ll do in longer races, if you chose to do them at all. Not everybody is meant to run a marathon, so be flexible in your goals as you train and leave room for adjustment. Remember to incorporate proper nutrition while you train and on race day by making products like 24K™, Innergize!® and ProVantage® with

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