Lunasin Clarification

The bioactive lunasin in LunaRich® soy powder and LunaRich X™ works at the epigenetic level within the cell and has been shown to provide multiple health benefits. As a result, we’ve received several questions regarding lunasin and its potential role in disease prevention. 

Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We make no claims to that effect, except for the FDA-approved heart disease health claims related to soy protein and phytosterols. Through our Policies and Procedures, we prohibit Distributors from making disease claims and require Distributors make only those claims authorized by Reliv or provided in Reliv’s sales and training materials.


While we are aware of the ongoing research and articles related to lunasin and cancer, under no circumstances may Reliv’s products be marketed as preventing or treating cancer. Our products are nutritional supplements, not drugs. We chose to develop LunaRich because lunasin has many health benefits and fits synergistically within our products to enhance the overall wellness of every individual consuming our products.


We recommend Reliv consumers under medical care first consult their physicians to determine how Reliv nutrition might help support any treatment program. Our premier products provide nutrients to help the body function at its best. They are scientifically advanced food supplements, nothing more and nothing less. 

3 thoughts on “Lunasin Clarification

  1. My doctor wants me to stop taking Reliv during chemo. His thoughts are that the products might benefit the cancer cells as well as the healthy cells.

  2. I have been using LunaRichNow and LunaRichX for just a month now and I feel motivated again to get up and go do something, my abdominal bloating has been relieved, the dependent edema that happens on my feet every now and then is gone, my whole body is becoming firm because I see my 64-yr-old fingers getting full again! Go to PUBMED.COM type “lunasin” on search box and it will show Abstracts of Studies about the “multifaceted health benefits of lunasin”. They are studies conducted by different research scientists all over the world. I have not read about the benefit on the skin, but I see a smoother and firmer skin in me. Maybe this is an another undiscovered benefit of lunasin. I am one of those big time skeptics, so I tried it. So far, it is doing a lot of good benefits to me; otherwise, I would stop using it. It’s pretty expensive. But, I am worth every penny I make! Not only that, I would not be a distributor if I discovered it did not work. Instead, I would broadcast it to the whole world to discourage people from using it. OBTW, I am a disinterested party, I was not paid nor given any gift to write this. I am a consumer advocate.

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