Still Go Time: Josh Yoder

Josh Yoder is a Reliv Director from Hicksville, Ohio. How do you succeed in Reliv? You take action! And Distributors across the country are heeding the call to action from the “It’s Go Time” International Conference. They’re using the Reliv Success System, Reliv tools, new technologies, networking groups and good old-fashioned talking to people. No matter how they’re doing it, one thing is clear: action brings results.

My wife, Lucinda, and I have a simple plan: talk to at least two new people every day about Reliv. As a truck driver, I share Reliv wherever and whenever I can. The other day I gave a compensation plan presentation on a McDonald’s napkin! In trucking, when the wheels aren’t turning, I’m not earning. But Reliv is a business that works right along with me. I’m going to catch my mentor, Hall-of-Famer Tom Pinnock, and become Reliv’s next Four-Time Platinum Ambassador!

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