Still Go Time: James and Christine Ewing

James and Christine Ewing are Reliv Directors from Chicago, Illinois.

How do you succeed in Reliv? You take action! And Distributors across the country are heeding the call to action from the “It’s Go Time” International Conference. They’re using the Reliv Success System, Reliv tools, new technologies, networking groups and good old-fashioned talking to people. No matter how they’re doing it, one thing is clear: action brings results.

“We are wearing out our upline! We’re reaching out to people across the country and connecting them right away on the phone with our upline leaders, then using the whole Reliv System to get them started. It takes just 20 seconds of courage to turn moments into opportunities. When we think about the lifestyle we’re building
and the time we’ll be able to spend with our kids, that courage is easy to come by.”