Still Go Time: Becky Hanson

Becky Hanson is a Reliv Director from Veneta, Oregon.

How do you succeed in Reliv? You take action! And Distributors across the country are heeding the call to action from the “It’s Go Time” International Conference. They’re using the Reliv Success System, Reliv tools, new technologies, networking groups and good old-fashioned talking to people. No matter how they’re doing it, one thing is clear: action brings results.

I’m getting Reliv’s message out any way I can — making phone calls, connecting people to webinars, using the new opportunity presentation… I even wrapped my car with Reliv! I’m naturally shy, but knowing what Reliv can do for people makes it easy. I worked at a collections agency for 20 years; it’s much more rewarding to give people something instead of taking it. My goal: Presidential Director by Orlando!