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Still Go Time: Becky Bauman

Becky Bauman is a Reliv Senior Director from Drayton, Ontario, Canada.

How do you succeed in Reliv? You take action! And Distributors across the country are heeding the call to action from the “It’s Go Time” International Conference. They’re using the Reliv Success System, Reliv tools, new technologies, networking groups and good old-fashioned talking to people. No matter how they’re doing it, one thing is clear: action brings results.

“I started re-focusing on my business right before International Conference. It’s amazing what a little focus can do! We’re taking action every day and making things happen. My goal is to reach Ambassador and earn that trip to Costa Rica! From there, I’m shooting for a six-figure income and eventually my dream to build a school for girls from families in need. Reliv has given so much to me, and I want to give some of that back.”

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