Because of Reliv: Dr. Helen Mirau

Dr. Helen Mirau is an OB/GYN in Kettering, OH.

“In Korea, they use a lot of herbal remedies, but in the U.S. people don’t always know as much about herbs, so we have to be careful. When I heard about Reliv, I researched every ingredient on the labels to make sure they were safe. I was impressed. It’s very difficult to get so much nutrition in one product.
“Because of Reliv… My whole family has seen tremendous health improvements. Even my husband and son are feeling better than ever!”

5 thoughts on “Because of Reliv: Dr. Helen Mirau

  1. Dr Mirau, I am curious to know if you are using’ Reliv within your practise? How are the results for prenatal as well as aftercare for mom and baby? It would be beneficial to share with new moms, and pregnant women.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Last week I shared these products with my OBGYN and he was anxious to look everything up on the web. Is there any way I can introduce him to you? Are you using Reliv within your practice? How is that working for you?

    Deanna Kelley
    Aiken SC

  3. I do recommend Reliv to my pregnant patients. They would take Reliv in place of prenatal vitamin. I don’t have a large study to make conclusions about the results but they seem to feel better and gain less weight during pregnancy. So far, they have all had healthy pregnancies. The patients who start during pregnancy continue taking Reliv after the birth of their baby. They tell me they “just don’t get sick any more since starting Reliv”.

    I would be happy to talk to the physician about Reliv. I promote Reliv in my practice by displaying the cans in the waiting area and exam rooms. I admit that most find Reliv to be costly and not affordable and it’s the rare patient who invests in Reliv

  4. Dr. Mirau,

    I am pregnant and am taking the childrens Reliv. 1 1/2 scoop once a day. Is there a dosage that you recommend?. I want to make sure i am getting the most nutrition out of my shakes?

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