How You Reliv the Holidays

We asked you for tips on how to survive the avalanche of festivities this winter season while still keeping health and fitness a priority. Here are our top responses:

When it comes to shopping, I try and get ahead of the game by finding sales on cool gifts throughout the year. I also try online shopping and look for free shipping, especially on Cyber Monday. If I’m stressed, I like to take a bath while listening to soft Christmas music by candlelight. These are some of the ways I like to beat stress. Have a blessed holiday season!

-Monica Ventimiglia

I make sure to get my Reliv shakes in every day and have said no to some of the extra things. I also schedule in some family activities and a date night with my wonderful husband.
-Sherry Schuler

It’s important to remember to take my shakes. A little extra 24K™ helps keep my mind clear and focused. I try to zero in on what will make someone else’s Christmas meaningful and not on my expectations. Even with all the sweets around, we try to eat balanced meals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Lightly steamed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, a red onion, celery and perhaps some cauliflower) add color and variety to just a cold salad on a wintery day. Hot Innergize! is my favorite beverage to sip. I love to add some health to my powdered sugar frostings by adding Reliv’s delicious ProVantage®. Most of all I try to always remember the real reason why we have this beautiful season.
-Lydia Chorpening

Four years ago this month we found out that my husband had cancer. Now he is a cancer survivor. So this time of year we are X-tra thankful and X-tra joyful and full of X-tra cheer. We laugh X-tra as we watch Christmas movies as a family. Some of our favorite Christmas movies are Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas. Our family loves to RELIV the Holidays and RELIV the blessings.
-Beth Bachman

I reduce holiday stress by shopping for Christmas gifts all year ’round. I have been doing this for years and find that it not only helps me, but makes others happy when they receive special, heartfelt gifts that truly reflect their interests. Whenever I see something that would particularly suit someone on my Christmas list, I pick it up then and there. That moment, whatever the month, gives me a little dose of Christmas spirit. Not only does this save me the stress and frustration of searching for the perfect gift during the holiday rush, it also helps my bank account by spreading the cost of Christmas shopping throughout the year. There will be no post-holiday credit card shock for this girl! When the holidays are upon us, I still have the fun of wrapping whatever I’ve purchased and delivering to recipients. With time found, I can socialize, bake, and appreciate the season, without the commercial downside. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
-Monica Mattioli

Shirley and I began using Reliv in 1996 and have never missed a day. At the same time we realized we needed to be more active and exercise and keep eating healthy. Shirley started using the treadmill and I began exercising with weights. A few years later I began hiking and biking. Sixteen years later it’s all such a habit there’s no way we can stop even during the holidays. I do mine mostly in the morning and Shirley does hers at night. Our exercise routines have become as much habit as brushing our teeth. Our advice to people is: start slowly, give it time, and don’t quit until it’s a habit you can’t quit.
-Mike & Shirley Michelozzi

The way I handle extra stress and activities, plus keep my calorie intake in check, is simple: I Increase my Reliv shakes from two to three per day. The past week has been especially stressful both mentally and physically for me. The extra shake I add at mid-day is all I need. I wake up ready to hit the day again without muscle aches and pains, thanks to extra ProVantage®. I have no joint aches or pains with Arthaffect®. The extra essential nutrition keeps my body fed so I don’t have extra food cravings. I continue to be amazed after 8 years of taking Reliv by the power of these products.
-Marty Young

1. Get your workout shopping: Do a mall walk before you do your shopping at the mall.
2. Use 24K to relieve the stress that is a given this time of year.
3. Help a friend out: Make up a gift basket with a can of Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, a shaker cup, and some shots of 24K™.
Most importantly, take your shakes correctly and consistently!
-Debbi Grenz

I make sure I’ve had my shake with an extra couple of scoops of Cellebrate® before I go to any holiday parties. It really helps me to limit my eating!
-Rosanne Knape

It’s always easy to stress out and with all the running around of the holidays. I always keep a dry shake with me. That way I drink a shake instead of stopping for fast food while I’m out. Instead of trying to get into the gym while getting presents and wrapping and parties, I just go online and do a quick exercise video. You can find tons of them on YouTube. When I have to bring a dish to a party, I bring veggies and make a low-fat cream cheese dip so there aren’t as many calories.
-Ashley Leath

Thank you to everyone who entered! Happy holidays from Reliv!

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