Take a Look Around: Touring the Reliv Manufacturing Facility

Now that it has been a few weeks, I’m learning my way around the Reliv offices. I have successfully found the coffee and extra staples. Last week, I received a very exciting invitation from 20-year Reliv veteran Cal Carpenter, production superintendent of the manufacturing facility. He offered to give me a sneak peak at how Reliv is produced, canned and shipped out to everyone around the world. I jumped at the chance!

After donning the required hair net and lab coat, Cal took me inside the manufacturing facility. The first thing I noticed was the shiny floors. They run a tight and very clean ship back there! There are even fans that purify the air and pull out any dust particulates. I’m still trying to negotiate getting one for my house.

Cal showed me the production line starting with the empty cans. They are filled upside down and then the bottom lid is placed on top. As they filter through the production line, they are eventually flipped right-side up, labeled and given a plastic lid. Several quality control inspectors watch this entire process and there are computerized elements that will kick out any cans that aren’t perfect (a rarity).

After the cans are boxed and labeled, they are transported to the warehouse. They don’t stay here long; within a few days they are packed in orders and shipped out to you. My favorite part of the tour was getting to pack an individual order. Much like a grocery store scanner, each can on the order is scanned and carefully packed into a box, then labeled for shipment. The guys that pack the orders were fast! It’s a good thing, because the orders just kept rolling in from the call center.

I’m so glad I got to take a sneak peak at the production facility, and that you’ve vicariously joined me. If I’m ever missing from my desk, you should check the can scanner and listen for beeping sounds! You can learn more about Reliv’s industry-leading quality control standards here.

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