X Marks the Spot: Our Digital Scavenger Hunt!

Reliv X, LunaRich In anticipation of the big “X” announcement on January 12 (and just to have a little fun), Reliv  conducted a series of digital scavenger hunts where we challenged readers to find the red X on reliv.com and win a prize!

Here’s how it worked:

  • 1) We placed a red X in the middle of a page on reliv.com.
  • Here’s what it looked like:
  • 2) You searched the pages of reliv.com.
  • 3) When you found the red X, you told us the name of the page on which you found it.
  • 4) The first five people to find the X and email us received a Reliv 25 “healthy and I know it” T-shirt!

Congrats to our week 1 winners: Mark Gauger, Sue Mastrovito, Kathy Hunter, Kelly May and Joy Rumminger-Metevier!

Congrats to our week 2 winners: Guyna Dehne, Marty Young, Rhonda Martin, Morgan Shaw and Duane Miller !

Congrats to our week 3 winners: Joann Taylor, John Curtain, Jerry Marie Brown, Alice Henshaw, Bill Stump, Ronald Moore and Denise Hyde (three-way tie for 5th)!

Congrats to our bonus round winners: Terry Kilburg, Riza C. Antonio and Lori Moore!

Multiply your health, multiply your income, multiply your life.… by the power of X! Click here to learn more about X, coming January 12.

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