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Turning Back the Clock with Optimal Nutrition

There may not be a fountain of youth, but you can choose to live a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. Taking good care of your skin, cardiovascular health and mind – on down to the cellular level – can keep some of the less desirable parts of aging at bay.

Making soy a part of your daily regimen can net benefits for your entire body. Studies have shown that the protein, isoflavones and lunasin found in soy can provide a range of lifelong health benefits, from skin health to bone density.

A recent study showed that among adults aged 35-65, heart health is a top concern, followed by maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy weight. Soy is an ideal nutritional approach to meeting these needs.

Benefits of soy include:

Other Nutrients with Anti-Aging Benefits

Activities to Build Bone and Tone Muscle

Even if you are already experiencing muscle or bone loss, there is much that can be done to give your body the nutrients and conditioning it needs to slow down the process. A diet low in fat and cholesterol supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals is a great start. Add in some bone-building exercises and you’re sure to have a winning combination.

A Note from Dr. Carl: Staying Young

Everyone gets older, but there are things we can do to slow the negative effects of aging. ReversAge® provides breakthrough nutritional benefits from a patented array of proven youth-promoting ingredients. As your body ages, the support that ReversAge provides can help slow down the aging process and support healthy brain activity.

Best of all, you can provide all the benefits of ReversAge® to your family at a fraction of the cost of alternative anti-aging options.

Taking ReversAge in conjunction with LunaRich®, a Reliv-exclusive soy powder found in Reliv Now® and other Reliv formulas, multiplies the benefits of every nutrient. LunaRich® delivers more than five times the amount of lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide, than ordinary soy powders. Lunasin provides a score of anti-aging benefits, from heart health to immunity, while increasing the effectiveness of the nutrients in ReversAge. Together, they’re a fantastic anti-aging team!

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with a patented formula and an exclusive ingredient that will help you feel young again!

To your health,

Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings





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