911? I Need Reliv Products

G. Stacey Johnson is well known in rural Burns, Oregon. In addition to moving livestock, enjoying wilderness activities, and being the Commander of the local jail, he and his wife Sharon are also Reliv Distributors.

“Reliv products work so well for everyone,” says Stacey. “By connecting people through stories, it’s easy to share Reliv and build a dedicated following!”

The Johnsons were relaxing on vacation one week when someone in their town desperately wanted Reliv products, making an unforgettable call in their pursuit.

“A retired nurse was nuts about health products. She had seen all about Reliv at the town’s local meetings,” explains Stacey. “She wanted Reliv products so much she decided to call 911 just to get a hold of me!”

After some scolding by the 911 operator, the nurse was given Johnson’s number. 

“I was completely surprised by the ridiculous story and called one of my master affiliates that is a personal friend of hers to get her started on the ‘life-saving products,’ as she called them.”

“This sort of story may not have been what we had in mind when we became Reliv Distributors, but it definitely shows the determination that some people have to get optimal nutrition!”


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  1. i’m interested in learning more about ReLiv products and their nutritional effects on our health.

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