Meet Our Ambassadors: Jonathan and Marjorie Gehman

Gehman_350wAmbassadors Jonathan and Marjorie Gehman from Myerstown, PA are thankful to Reliv for enabling them to spend more time with their family.

Marjorie stays home with their six children and Jonathan is a truck driver. The two work their Reliv business part-time. 

Unique Business Opportunity

When the Gehmans learned about Reliv from Jonathan’s cousin, they were very curious about what the products could do for them.  Once they saw their own results, they were immediately hooked.

“We became distributors because we believed in the products and what they can do for you,” says Jonathan. “We were both surprised at first about how quickly the business grew!”

The Gehmans enjoy being distributors because it allows for flexibility.

“I get to stay home with our children, which is important to me,” says Marjorie. Jonathan adds that the Reliv business experience is unique because of the effect you can have on people. He explains, “You’re not just exchanging time for dollars but you are actually making a difference in people’s lives every day.”

Keys to Success 

Marjorie and Jonathan agree on their keys to success.

“You must work hard, network, and talk to lots of people. Stick with your customers until they get the results that they want,” says Marjorie.

Jonathan adds, “Helping other Distributors in your organization is very important in this business.”

The Gehmans hope to reach the Presidential Director level soon.  The couple adds, “We tell everyone about Reliv. We always try and share stories that connect with people. We want everyone to have what we have found in Reliv!”



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