Make the Most of Conference

Expand your network. Take full advantage of the biggest Reliv networking opportunity of the year and help your downline do the same. Get to the sessions early for time to mingle and be sure to reach out to people from outside your area.

Go where the leaders are. Set up a time to meet with your upline. Meet all the corporate leaders and visit the Ambassador seating section as much as possible. Introduce yourself and ask about their keys to success.

Learn from the best. In general, don’t worry about writing everything down during workshops — you might miss the big picture. Focus on the key points and action steps you can take immediately when you get home. Jot down at least three of each using the note pages in this program.

Make it a team effort. This year features more breakout sessions than ever. Be sure to work out a plan with your partners to have every workshop covered. Then sit down with your organization afterward and compare notes.

Go shopping! Order products at conference and save on shipping charges. Take advantage of discounted sales tools and Reliv gear. Hit the Company Store early to make sure you don’t miss out on the most popular items — and get logoed items to wear while you’re here.

Take pictures. When you get home, it makes your stories so much more powerful if you can bring them to life with a picture.

Don’t miss a thing. This is the most important business trip you’ll ever take. Get up early and don’t leave until everything is over. Network wherever you are — the hotel check-in line, lobby coffee bars, hallways, even restrooms. You never know which story, lesson, or contact will be the one that explodes your business.

Set goals while you’re here. Conference is an ideal opportunity for goal-setting, when people’s excitement and energy levels are at their peak. Sit down with your organization and find out exactly what you want with Reliv and how you want to get there.

Create momentum NOW! Put people on conference calls and 3-way calls right away. Set appointments. Build for every Reliv meeting and special event. Make this weekend the start of the life you’ve always wanted. It’s go time!


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