My Story: Mike Connelly

Name: Mike Connelly

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

Gigs: Reliv, traveling nursing assistant

Reliv Regimen:Reliv Classic®,Innergize!®, ProVantage®, FibRestore®

Routine Change: I worked out daily for several years, but a job change made it hard to continue my midday workouts, so I stopped for a while.

Reliving It: I am now back to being a health addict thanks to Reliv.  The key is for me to pace myself because it takes the body about nine weeks of consistency to crave exercise.

Convincing Combination: By combining Reliv products with my diet and exercise routine, I can achieve my workout goals.

Reaching the Target: My goal is to maintain an ideal body weight and drop 15% body fat. I also want to have ‘washboard’ abs this year. With Reliv, I know I can do it!


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