RKF Makes a Big Impact in Asia

Director of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation Reggie Ament, Development Coordinator of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation Kathy Brawley and Malaysia Area Coordinator Lydia Paul just returned from a trip to visit the RKF feeding programs in Asia. Reggie was pleased to bring back this report of the success of the RKF.

Penang, Malaysia

Although this is my fourth visit to Malaysia, all previous trips were to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur where many of the schools have established RKF feeding programs. This trip we visited Penang, the second smallest Malaysian state and the eighth most populous, where we currently have 44 feeding programs under the direction of five site coordinators.  Two particular sites are highlighted below.

Sungai Tukang School

Lydia arranged for us to take the ferry to visit this school, where there are 184 students covering kindergarten through 7th grade. The education minister chose this site due to the number of Indian and Malay children who come to school without breakfast. We were greeted by the headmaster who took us on a tour of the school. Our nutritional drink is given to the students first thing after arriving at school and the teachers are thrilled with the results they are seeing in the kids. Students show signs of improved focus and concentration on the school work.

House of Hope

This organization is doing tremendous work with families living in a low income housing project. There are approximately 20,000 people living in these high rise apartments. Six years ago, Director Madame Kho Cheng See, began with 300 families that needed assistance, and today they are helping more than 1000 families. Product is given to Indians and Malay families when mothers have no food for their children. Every afternoon when the children come for food, they are also served Reliv Now® for Kids. Other services they provide are:

  • Older adults (50 Plus) whose families have abandoned them–Providing meals that they pick up Mon-Sat.
  • Fatherless families – pay tuition, bus fare, pocket change for kids
  • Temporary help for families out of work– once a month the family can come for food (rice, oil, etc)

We visited with the children and their parents, who expressed their gratitude for providing the product.  


This trip to the Philippines gave us an opportunity to visit some of our feeding programs located on the outskirts of Manila. Area Coordinators George and Blessie Padilla introduced us to some wonderful volunteers and hundreds of adorable kids. It is at many of their programs where the volunteers show their creativity by making hats and signs out of the labels from our product cans.  At each stop, we provided the children a hot meal, a cup of Reliv Now for Kids and a goodie bag.

IRM Nasugbu

Our first stop was to meet Pastor Benson Chavez who is responsible for several feeding programs. We visited this facility that is made up of a health clinic and daycare center. The clinic is staffed by a government nurse who selects the children from the surrounding mountains who are the most severe cases. They provide them a Reliv shake 5 days a week. Currently there are 40 kids and 12 adults who are participating, and the nurse indicated that those in the Reliv program stay much healthier than the other community kids.

El Paso

We then moved on to Pastor Benson’s other program in El Paso. This program is made up of 76 children who greeted us and as a way of showing their appreciation, had prepared signs and performed songs for us. I had to laugh when one of the older girls asked if I was on Facebook. I told her to check out the RKF Facebook page and I have no doubt we have a new follower!


This is a community made up of 41 blocks and over 100,000 people live in this squatter area. We visited block 37, where we have 5 programs with 28 kids per program. All the children and their parents were waiting for us when we arrived.

Wawa Taguig

Pastor Carlos Angeles is in charge of this program where 100 kids get daily shakes. The room was decorated with thank you notes and kids performed several songs and thanked us for the product.

Signal Village

Pastor Joe Dupale runs a program in this squatter area made up of 6 families, livings in 6 rooms with more than 45 children among them. Each child presented us with thank you notes made from the labels of Reliv Now for Kids. They sang and smiled and thanked us, when in fact we were the ones who were grateful for their hospitality and kindness they displayed. They were truly inspiring.

Visit to Cavite

Site Coordinator Beth Perez has been responsible for running the RKF house in Cavite since it opened in 2007. She has provided food, an education, and Reliv Now for Kids to children who live in some of the poorest areas of Cavite. Beth is highly respected for the work she does and has been recognized by the Mayor and the Nutrition Council. 


Beth opened a new medical clinic across from the RKF house last year. I got a quick tour of the facility, which is well equipped to help the sick children and pregnant mothers needing assistance, as well as a place where there is a free medical clinic held by volunteer doctors and nurses several times a year.

City Hall 

We moved on to City Hall where I had an opportunity to meet the mayor and his staff who handle the nutritional and medical needs of the community. A large crowd made up of some of the children in our feeding program and their parents were invited to this gathering. The Mayor expressed his appreciation for RKF’s commitment to his community. After the ceremony, Beth arranged for the children to receive ice cream made from Reliv Now for Kids! The mayor even enjoyed it.

Squatter Areas

Several staff members then accompanied us to several squatter areas where some of the third degree malnourished children have been identified by the public health office and are being monitored by the nurses. These kids are receiving our Reliv Now for Kids.


3 thoughts on “RKF Makes a Big Impact in Asia

  1. I feel so gratful to be able to help feed these precious children and to see their happy faces. More companies need to follow the generosity of Reliv, Inc.

  2. I feel so gratful to be able to help feed these precious children and to see their happy faces. More companies need to follow the generosity of Reliv, Inc.

  3. I feel so gratful to be able to help feed these precious children and to see their happy faces. More companies need to follow the generosity of Reliv, Inc.

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