RKF Second Quarter Update

Reliv Friends and Donors:

We are happy to report on the latest updates from the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

Feeding Programs

During the month of May, RKF Director Reggie Ament and Development Coordinator Kathy Brawley visited Malaysia and the Philippines to spend time with our country coordinators and the many volunteers that run our daily feeding programs. You can read about their trip and see the kids from our feeding programs that greeted them along the way. Read the recap of the trip.

St Louis International Conference: Rally for the Mission

Our Annual Fundraiser will once again take place on Saturday morning and should be a “must” for everyone attending conference. We will have our Rally in Hall 5 in the comfort of air-conditioning, plenty of seating, a large stage and sound system, and some of the most talented distributors and corporate staffers. If you are signed up for conference, you must sign up for the Rally! Your admittance of $20 guarantees you good family fun, a tax deduction and our gratitude for enabling us to give added support to our feeding programs. See all of the details in the Rally FAQ and then sign up and join us in the fun.

Kalogris Segment

Those of you attending the Rally will already have front row seating for the Kalogris segment that immediately follows the Rally. Guest speaker Jolly Gomez, Managing Director for Reliv Philippines and RKF Area Coordinator, and Kathy Brawley, Haiti Area Coordinator, will update our donors on what has been happening with their programs. We also have a special announcement about another project that will take place later this year. You won’t want to miss it!

Annual Report

With our 2011 Audit completed, I am very proud to report that 97% of revenue received is applied to our Program Services and just 3% is used for Support Services. Take a moment and review our most recent Annual Report and audited Financials for 2011.

2nd Quarter Results

We have completed our first six months of 2012 with some impressive results to report. Although overall revenue of $221,605 during this second quarter is down slightly from $223,537 in 2011, year to date overall revenue of $542,893 is an increase of $14,066 or 3% from the same period of 2011. Special recognition goes to our donors in Europe where donations increased by 117% and Canada with a 19% increase as well as our own Reliv corporate employees for their 19% increase over the same period in 2011. We continue to appreciate the generosity of our distributors and employees and ask that you help us through the next six months with your support of our mission to Nourish Our World.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at Conference!

R. Scott Montgomery
Chairman of Reliv Kalogris Foundation 

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