Reliv Travel Opportunities

Being a Reliv Distributor is more than a job – it’s a chance to explore new places! Distributors have the opportunity to take trips of a lifetime in unforgettable destinations. 2012 Disney Cruise

“The ship was enormous, the food was amazing, the entertainment was great, Castaway Cay was unforgettable and the people were even better. But the best part was being able to help a young couple with their son’s health. When we told them about Reliv, they became our newest Distributors — right there on the ship!” Don & Nancy Fansler, Cumberland, MD

“I had never been on a cruise before, and the Disney cruise was like living a dream. My daughter, Melany, loved meeting the Disney princesses and said she felt like a princess herself. We made so many unforgettable memories. I just started with Reliv in October and was able to earn this amazing trip just two months later! At what other job is that even possible?” Rocio Ochoa, Nashville, TN

“We won our spot on the Disney cruise — our first cruise ever — through a special drawing for new Distributors. If we still had any doubts about Reliv, they were washed away the minute we stepped on board. Disney does a tremendous job, but getting to know Reliv’s Distributor and corporate leaders was the top highlight. Ever y single one of them wanted to know how they could help us succeed. It’s awesome to have so many people looking out for us.” Kevin & Lucy Marino, Methuen, MA

The Reliv Conference Experience

“We reserve a place on our calendar for the Reliv International Conference every year. It’s never even a question. Nothing is more valuable to your Reliv business than meeting face-to-face with corporate leaders and fellow Distributors from around the world. It can catapult your business forward by a year or more! That’s why we’re planning on bringing 20+ people with us this year. Don’t hesitate — this is an opportunity you simply cannot miss!” Terry & Sally Cover, Bedford, PA

Party like a World Champion!
Reliv, home of the world’s best Distributors, is throwing a party at Busch Stadium — home of the world champion St. Louis Cardinals — for the Saturday Night Celebration at International Conference! Limited tickets available; order yours while supplies last. It’s Go Time! Reliv International Conference August 9-11, St. Louis, MO.

Annual Leadership Celebration

“Banff was a trip of a lifetime! Staying in a castle, the mountains and turquoise blue lakes, white water rafting, a beautiful lake cruise, and of course the food! But what made this trip extra special was being there with close friends. We had been working hard to help them earn this trip, and when they did, we all screamed, ‘We’re going to Banff!’ There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching down to lift others up!” Joe & Pat Pennino, Wilmington, NC

Back to Banff!
You can earn your own trip of a lifetime to Banff in 2012. But you have to act fast — the deadline is July 31. Learn how: Distributor portal >> Promotions >> 2012 Leadership Celebration

World Travel

“Reliv gave us a $5,000 bonus and 10 days in Australia! We fed kangaroos and koalas in a nature preserve, visited a tropical rain forest in the Blue Mountains and climbed to the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge. From our hotel we could just point to restaurants on the opposite side of the harbor and take a water taxi over for dinner. We charted a boat and anchored it right in front of the world-famous Sydney Opera House. Unforgettable! We set a goal when we were married to one day travel to Australia — Reliv made it happen just a few years later!” Jerry & Anne Lafayette, Bartlett, IL

Where in the world?
If you’re up for some international adventure, just wait until you hear where we’re headed for Reliv’s 2013 Leadership Celebration trip! Witness the big announcement live at International Conference this August 9-11 in St. Louis.

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