My Story: Don Swegman

Name: Don Swegman
Hometown: Alexandria, IN
Reliv Regimen: GlucAffect®, Innergize!®, Reliv Classic®, ReversAge®, FibRestore®, Arthaffect®, 24K
Gig: Reliv, military veteran
An Opportunity: I’ve been in several multi-level marketing businesses over the years, but I never really made any money. With Reliv’s compensation plan, I saw an opportunity to turn this into a profitable business.
Next Reliv Generation: I’ve been visiting the local universities to develop a network of young people in the Reliv business.
Breaking Bad Habits: Some college students are abusing caffeine and stimulant drugs to help them stay up and study. My thought was, “We need to give them an alternative!”
Embracing Reliv: In one week, we sold over 100 bottles of 24K! 24K gives them more energy and mental focus without dangerous drugs. I plan to keep spreading the word about Reliv on campus and everywhere else.

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