My Story: Matt Prindle

Prindle_1212646181Name: Matt Prindle
Hometown: Teton Valley, ID
Gigs: Graphic designer, Reliv part-time
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Now®, Innergize!®, ProVantage®, 24K All Work, No Play: My family owns a ski and bike shop. Even though our home is attached to the shop, it seemed like I never got to see my dad because he was always working.
Hitting the Slopes: As soon as our family discovered Reliv, I noticed that my dad had so much more free time to spend with our family. We could go skiing all the time.
Taking Reliv to New Heights: My friends and I decided to revive skate competitions that had died off when we were in middle school. The event was a huge success! Everyone was interested in the Reliv booth we had set up.
Future with Reliv: I can’t wait to pursue my Reliv business more aggressively once I graduate from college!

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