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GlucAffect Now Has LunaRich

The addition of LunaRich soy powder makes GlucAffect® a triple threat against the metabolic syndrome epidemic. Metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms including high blood sugar, obesity and cardiovascular problems — has skyrocketed in the US.

A Triple Threat Against Metabolic Syndrome

The solution for metabolic syndrome lies in a three-pronged approach of balancing blood sugar, losing weight and improving cholesterol. GlucAffect can help:

  1. 1. Blood sugar management. A patented formula combines the power of cutting-edge ingredients such as Pycnogenol®, cinnamon and banaba leaf extract.
  2. 2. Weight loss. A clinical study showed GlucAffect to aid in weight loss — study participants lost an average of 16 pounds over eight weeks. View the study.
  3. 3. Cholesterol improvement. GlucAffect is better than ever with the addition of LunaRich soy powder for cholesterol management. Watch how LunaRich improves cholesterol.

Read the latest Science & Health Today to learn how GlucAffect with LunaRich offers a solution to metabolic syndrome.

GlucAffect Giveaway! Use the commenting section below to tell us how GlucAffect has helped balance your blood sugar. We’ll draw three names at random to win a prize!


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