My Story: Diane Romero

 Name: Diane Romero
 Hometown: Roseville, CA
 Gigs: Hospice caretaker, Reliv part-time
 Reliv Regimen: Reliv Classic®, Arthaffect®, FibRestore®, Innergize!®
 Unwilling to Surrender: “Prior to Reliv, I had two gel injections in my left knee that would only work for a couple of months. My doctor told me to swallow my pride and get a cane.”  Glimmer of Hope: “I felt like I was too young and active to be having that kind of pain. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, so I started adding Arthaffect to my shakes.”
 Back on the Bike: “Before taking Reliv products, even daily tasks were strenuous. But within two months of taking Arthaffect, I was able to get back on my bike and ride again. Now my husband and I have our own Reliv business and are looking forward to a happy, healthy, and financially secure future.”

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