Meet Our Ambassadors: Chris and Karin Ederer

EdererFamAmbassadors Karin and Chris Ederer had been searching tirelessly for a solution to their daughter’s health complications and were disappointed by other supplements and medications. When they heard about Reliv, they knew they were on the right track. They heard the formulas were balanced, scientifically-based and safe, so they decided to give the products a shot. Karin, Chris, and their three children began drinking Reliv shakes and saw amazing results within a few months. When their daughter’s health problems cleared up, the family became Reliv believers.

When Karin and Chris began attending Reliv presentations, they weren’t looking for a business or interested in direct sales — they were just curious about the power of Reliv and success stories like their own. Slowly but surely, their skepticism dissolved. Their business evolved as they shared hope with their friends and colleagues and helped them find answers. “You don’t sell people stuff,” Karin explains. “You serve them and see them through to their results.” The Ederers are now able to provide for their daughters in college. “I get to help my family be healthier and live in a state of wellness while helping other people do the same,” she says. “It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

Karin loves the flexibility Reliv has given her and Chris to shape business around their family, which allows them to spend time with their youngest child who lives at home. They also enjoy developing relationships with their network through distributing products and helping them build businesses. “Month after month, year after year, we become more thankful there is such a company that hasn’t been a disappointment,” Karin notes.

Now, as a Reliv Ambassador, Karin says, “This has only encouraged me to spread the word more. So many people have come alongside me in this business and I want this for them as well.”



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