Things Get Heated at the 2012 Boston Marathon

 Below is an excerpt by Vice President of International Joe Wojcik following his experience at the 2012 Boston Marathon.

I just returned home from the 116th running of the Boston Marathon and wanted to share a few thoughts and insights from my 2012 experience.  This year’s big story was the heat, which is good for vacationing on the beach but bad for running a marathon. Temperatures on the course were about 88 degrees, compounded by a dry wind.

Because of the heat, I did make one change in my race plans by wearing my ultra thin Innergize!® singlet instead of the somewhat thicker 24K top.

The Boston Athletic Association offered deferments this year meaning that if you felt it was too hot, you could run in the race next year. No way was I considering that option. I told myself that it was about the same temperatures as the race in Cozumel, and I didn’t have to bike 112 miles or swim 2.4 miles beforehand. More than 2,100 people were treated at medical tents for dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other ailments. Luckily, I was not one of them, no doubt due to my Innergize! hydration plan!

My race plan was pretty simple: pace myself, hydrate at every mile and douse myself with water to keep cool. I even grabbed a few popsicles on the course provided by Boston’s kind spectators.

As in most years, a few runners dressed up in tutus, nerd outfits, Minnie Mouse and one guy even ran the race barefoot. Talk about a bad year to run the race with no shoes! My most humorous moment happened when I ran next to a girl with a shirt on that read “If I collapse, please pause my Garmin!” Those runners are pretty funny. There were also military members hiking the race in full uniforms with 50 pound backpacks. That is a long way to march with heavy camouflage outfits and gear.

One other place that always amazes me is Wellesley College, an all girls school. Hundreds of the students line the road and scream like crazy holding up signs like “Kiss Me, I’m a Senior,” “Kiss Me, I’m from Mexico” and things like that. My favorite happened to be “Kiss Me, I just brushed my teeth.”

There were approximately 23,000 runners in the race this year and with my time of 3:24:45, I came in #2352 overall and #214 in my age group of 2,342 males aged 45-49. I was able to qualify for Boston again in 2013 although only by a margin of 15 seconds! Overall, I was really pleased with the day and a big thanks to Reliv for keeping me hydrated and well-nourished!

~Joe Wojcik

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