Treated Like a Disney Princess

More than just a rewarding career, Reliv is about living life on your own terms. Part of that is earning rewarding vacations such as the 2012 Disney Cruise earned by more than 40 Distributors. Read on for an excerpt of a letter sent to Senior Vice President of North American Sales Steve Hastings from Ambassador Lori Doerneman from Goddard, KS upon her return from the cruise…  Dear Steve,
 Warning: Long letter ahead.

 The Disney cruise was so much fun! It’s a good thing I don’t have to choose my favorite part. If I did it would probably be a toss up. Seeing my sons fly on an airplane for the first time and walking towards the massive, amazing ship are moments I won’t soon forget.

Then there was the $100 voucher that Reliv gave us to spend on whatever we wanted! If that wasn’t enough, we also had a beverage card to order smoothies and specialty coffees. We don’t ever do that in our day-to-day life.

Snorkeling and spending the morning reading in a hammock on a beach are not exactly how I spend my days back home.

Our boys both found age-appropriate activities. We didn’t see them for the entire trip!
Mitchell, age 15, found Vibe, the teen hang-out on the first night. He was given a new key card for his room, made specially for “Vibe” people, AKA cool teens. He loved his expanded freedom on the cruise.

Matthew, age 12, was also enjoying his hang-out, “The Edge.” He had a card that got him and only him (and all other “tweens”) to the 13th floor. He was able to play as many electronics as humanly possible and ate, on average, four ice cream cones per day.

Because the boys were so well-supervised, Russ and I were able to totally relax and enjoy each other and others from Reliv. We enjoyed spending time with Jim and Sandy. I am so grateful that they are my fifth level. We love how much they have allowed themselves to grow. They inspire us.

We talked with Don Gibbons. He gave us such amazing thoughts. I wrote them down, and I am going to post them around my house.

We asked the kids to fill out the cruise survey, “good, average, excellent” and Matt said, “It was way above all of those.”

Steve, we came home with a sense of YES. We have decided to always earn this cruise! “Presidential” means financial freedom. Do we want that? YES.
New goals are going up. YES.
And this time, like all the other times we’ve achieved big steps with Reliv, we are including our children, attaching rewards for them to the goals. YES.

Rachel and Eric may get to go to Hawaii. Initially I wanted to make that just a “mom and dad” trip. But when I mentioned it, Rachel asked what it would take. I told her what Presidential Director looked like and her response, “Go get on the phone.”

I smiled. She started daydreaming about the sandy beaches of Hawaii then she looked at me and said, “Seriously, I will help do whatever with the kids, the house, laundry. We can do this by July.”

She is proud of her mom. She wants to be like me. What is better than that?

Thank you for taking the time to ask. It was wonderful and we are so grateful.


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