Reliv on the Road: Show me State

Reliv executives are traveling around the country this spring to tell the Reliv story. What they are finding is the Reliv story told back to them — through inspiring accounts of better health, changed lives and renewed hope.  Extraordinary People

 I met Iva Presberry at a Reliv meeting in Jefferson City, MO. Iva is a special person. She does missionary work in Haiti, a cause near and dear to us at Reliv. She is also building a part-time Reliv business that allows her to stay healthy and do what she loves — helping others. We have such extraordinary people in Reliv. Every time I get a chance to meet someone like Iva, I’m humbled but proud to know that, together, we are changing lives.

Getting a Head Start

 I was on a flight home from our National Conference in Reno with Reliv Ambassador Rick Cobb. He was fired-up and eager to spread the excitement with the Reliv gang back home in Columbia, MO. I asked how I could help and got an invite to join the next meeting. Perfect! My daughter, Laura, is a sophomore at the University of Missouri in Columbia.
I spent the day with my daughter and her friends, college kids with big dreams. I got a double dose of hope-filled energy that night when Joe Cobb, Rick’s son, and his three friends sat in the front row at the Reliv meeting. Seeing young folks looking to take control of their lives and build residual income at such an early age is inspiring. What a life they can create for themselves by starting now. This is your shot, Joe!


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