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 Our Shot
Robert explains: “When 24K™ was introduced at conference in Atlanta last February, [Vice President of North American Sales] Steve Hastings kept saying, ‘This is our shot.’ That’s a really rhythmic phrase, and it inspired us to turn it into something more.” The pair wrote and choreographed a music video about 24K. “It’s opening doors and making the product more visible,” Robert adds. “Within 15 minutes of posting the video, we already had someone asking, ‘How do we get this stuff?’”

By February, their “This Is Our Shot” video had gone viral. When it reached Reliv headquarters, Robert and John were asked to perform live at Reliv National Conference.
“It was amazing to perform in front of so many Reliv friends! What a thrill!” Robert says. The crowd went wild, and the duo received two standing ovations.
When Robert Laird and John Schwendinger first started their Reliv businesses, they never thought they would become internet sensations. It all started when they met at John’s first Reliv meeting almost two years ago. “Our geek connection was instantaneous,” Robert says. “After bonding over a love of Star Wars and a similar sense of humor, we knew we had to unite to provide entertainment to geeks everywhere.”
Since then they’ve produced over 73 videos as part of their ongoing web series, Geeks Corner, and together they’ve been using social media to expand their Reliv businesses.

 Nice to Tweet you
But the Primordial Penguins are more than just a one-hit wonder. Behind the scenes, Robert and John have been leveraging social media to expand their network and grow their business.

“We’ve discovered it’s often easier for us to contact someone via Facebook or Twitter than it is with the phone,” John says.
By borrowing credibility from their already popular website, a family-friendly site for Disney Annual Passholders, the two are using social networking to bring Reliv to the Disney community.
“We use social media to get the discussion going with people. Reliv is all about connecting with people,” John says. “So we use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, you name it, as tools to be visible and build relationships. Then once a relationship is built, we can start learning about people more and seeing how we can help them.”

Robert explains: “A bulk of the Distributors that we’ve signed up in the last 3-4 months have come from Twitter. Every once in a while a group of us will have meet-ups in the park where a bunch of Disney fans get together. I’m constantly meeting people at Disneyland and networking there. It’s nice to be able to offer a healthy alternative in 24K.”
For Distributors who might be venturing out into new territory, John advises, “Remember, social media really isn’t anything new, it’s just a new tool. It’s about the convenience of meeting people where they are.”
The best way to get started? “Just start Googling!” John recommends. “Chances are you’re not the only one with a question. The web is an oasis of articles and tutorials. Just be sure to cross-check your sources.”

“Using social media is just like telling others about Reliv,” Robert concludes. “When you find something that interests you, share it!”

 Social Media Advice from the Geeks

 ● Form relationships. Connect with people in person and find out if they are on Facebook or Twitter. Then follow or add them right away!

Be authentic. The digital world can feel cold and impersonal. Make sure your profile reflects who you are in real life.

Keep it simple. Whatever you want to say, make sure that it’s short, sweet and to the point.

 ● Don’t try too hard. You never want to appear to be desperate for friends or followers. Just engage your network in a conversation.

Build credibility. Content is key. Remember to always share useful content from reputable websites (such as the Reliv Blog) that will add value to your friends and followers.


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