Reliv Takes LunaRich on the Road

Reliv International, the world leader in optimal nutrition, invites you to discover LunaRich™, the most exciting innovation in nutrition science today.  UPDATE: Dr. Carl Hastings and Dr. Alfredo Galvez want to answer your questions at the LunaRich special events. Here’s your chance to have your LunaRich questions answered by renowned nutrition scientists. Got a question for them? Tweet your question using hashtag #soymuchbetter or post it here on the blog. Dr. Hastings and Dr. Galvez will answer the questions live at the LunaRich special events!

Next month, Dr. Carl Hastings will be joined by Dr. Alfredo Galvez and Ryan Schmidt of the Missouri Plant Science Center, along with other special guests, to bring the science of LunaRich™ to you!

  1. May 5: Phoenix
  2. May 12: Boston
  3. May 19: California

 Visit our new LunaRich Special Events page to view event details, download promotional flyers and access LunaRich info to share with the people you know in these areas.

These are going to be powerful events that can trigger massive growth in your business. LunaRich is making things happen — don’t miss your chance to go big!

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