My Story: Mary Klassen

 Name: Mary Klassen
 Hometown: Harrow, Ontario, Canada
 Reliv Regimen: Classic®, Herbal Harmony®, Provantage®, and Optain®

 Employment Uncertainty: “I had a full time job working in a warehouse, but work started to slow down. Everyone was getting laid off, but all I could find were minimum wage jobs. That’s when I decided to become a Reliv Distributor.”

 My Rock: “I’ve gone back to work since then, but there’s no guarantee there. The end of November was the first time that I wasn’t afraid of being laid off again. Even with Christmas coming, I knew I would be fine because I had Reliv to fall back on.”

 Trip of a Lifetime: “My son, Justin and I cannot believe that we are going on the Disney cruise in April! I can’t describe how it feels to earn something like that and be able share it with my son. Everyone deserves that feeling.”

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