My Story: Bill and Nina Jean Guilford

 Name: Bill and Nina Jean Guilford
 Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
 Current Gigs: Part-time best business practice consultant, Part time Reliv (Bill). Retired nurse, Full-time Reliv (Nina Jean)
 Reliv Regimen: We love it all! If Dr. Carl makes it, we take it!
 Hitting the Ground Running: “We’re very athletic. Nina Jean is a triathlete and together we’ve been training for a 10K and a century ride. At 53, I play basketball and baseball with guys half my age,” Bill says.
 Common Connection: “Sports has been our biggest passion point with people. We set up our table at athletic events and hand out samples of Innergize®  and 24K. Reliv can help people who are ill, but it can also help people who are healthy and athletic.”
 Smooth Sailing: Bill explains, “Because of Reliv, we have the financial freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family and pursue our favorite hobby, sailing.”

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