Meet Our Ambassadors: Larry and Sandy Short

 Ambassadors Larry and Sandy Short of Pratt, KS enjoy working together. Before being introduced to the products in 2006, Sandy was a full-time Biology teacher and Larry worked as an electrician, but on the weekends they combined forces and ran a successful landscaping business. Now, six years later, only the businesses they run together remain: landscaping and Reliv.

 Making Time for Reliv 

Sandy recalls waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning before going to work to read through Reliv brochures and watch the videos.

Larry says, “She would wake me up and say, ‘You have to hear this!’”   Sandy says, “Initially we were not interested in the business. We just wanted the best price on the products and to help a few family members and friends. But seeing how these products changed our lives, as well as how they were helping others, I knew this was something we needed to make time for.”

Once they focused on Reliv as a business, everything started moving quickly for Larry and Sandy. They say it was the freedom and flexibility of the Reliv business that allowed them to succeed.

Sandy says, “Even though we were just starting to figure things out, three months in, we received the Reliv Humanitarian Award.”

 What They Enjoy the Most

Larry and Sandy both feel that helping people with their health is empowering, not only for them, but for the people around them.

The couple adds, “We enjoy growing our Reliv business because we’re able to help our kids – with health and finances, our community, and even people we don’t know! It’s a big rush for us when people see health results.”

“It doesn’t even feel like work,” says Sandy.

She continues, “It’s so simple, you just use the system in place and guide people down a path you’ve already been.”

As for the future, Larry and Sandy add, “We’re looking for people who have the heart to do the business, and we’re more excited than ever to see where we end up!”



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