Letter from Steve Hastings: Build Fast, Build Now

 How very cool to already have Master Plan Bonuses going out the door three days after announcing the bonus! Get your head around this one and understand what you have to help your organizational growth hit another level of speed. An immediate cash bonus and an immediate downline go a long way toward building that wall of belief in your new MAs.

peaking of another level, how about Reliv Now® with LunaRich? This stuff has the whole Reliv nation in a frenzy. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an example of what is happening out there:

 Oh, I am sooooo excited! I wish I could paint a picture of what is happening for me. If you could see what this product is doing for me, you would be soooooo encouraged! My downline has been telling me, ‘Wow, Mary your voice sounds so much stronger and your energy level is really increasing.’ That’s only after two weeks on Luna Rich!

 Steve, I’ve NEVER wanted to exercise. I knew I should, but I just never felt like I could do a good job of it. BUT… Yesterday, I thought, ‘I’m feeling so good, I think I might just go get a personal trainer and start working out!’ I’ve NEVER had a thought like that in my entire life!

 Please go give your father a GREAT BIG HUG and tell him that he has lit a fire in Reliv that is going to change the company and every person’s life! THANK YOU! ~ Mary Light, Huntingburg, IN

Tell the world, Mary! We have something that can give every single person this kind of feeling.

And now LunaRich is in SoySentials®! Only from Reliv!

In place of this monthly letter, stay tuned for exciting announcements from Reliv headquarters every month via “The Inside Scoop” video series available online.

 Let’s build fast, build now!

 Steve Hastings, Senior Vice President North American Sales

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