Soy Many Prizes

Congratulations to the following prize winners who commented on last week’s SoySentials® blog post! For all of your support and enthusiasm, we’ve chosen five winners at random to receive SoySentials t-shirts and five winners to receive other Reliv prizes! If you didn’t win this time, that’s ok. We’ve been feeling extra generous lately, so we started another contest today!

 SoySentials T-Shirt Winners

  1. Gaylynn
  2. Teresa Nichols
  3. Cindy Barnett
  4. Tonya Miller
  5. Kimi Fiore

 Other Prize Winners

  1. Cheryl Olstad (mug)
  2. Yolanda Fischer (hat)
  3. Mary Beth Figgins (mug)
  4. Lou Vega (mug)
  5. Mike Michelozzi (mug)

Please e-mail me with your name and address. T-shirt winners, let me know what size you prefer!

Thanks for playing!

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